🦥 A Super-Slow Suriname Sloth & Street Situation 🛣️🚗

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I went to visit our friend's mom’s house in the countryside and we’re so happy to see sloth over there not far from Paramaribo.

We’re riding in the car together my husband shouts, sloth, sloth on the road!! He made me very surprise because I don’t know what a sloth is.

I asked he what happen? But he busy to take it with friend so fast and I think he not hear me talking and I don’t understand what happen, he made me wonder.


Then our friend stop the car and went to look at it and take it from the road and put it in the tree a little far from the road.

There were so many cars but they don’t care about sloths, but this is my first time to see a sloth. 🦥



We want to take pictures with it because we don't have it in ASEAN countries. I will share with my friends and my family in Cambodia.


It hurt @faustofraser a little with its claw when he wants to take it to the tree.


He put it in the tree near the people's house.



Its claws very strong and long too. I love it but I don’t touch it because I scared it make me hurt.


It looks like nearly monkey but it very slow not fast like monkey. It looks like scared cross the street and it looks like a human.

This is a good memory for us to see animals in South America. Have a wonderful day everybody.


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That is crazy. Also in my country sloths used to get in the middle of the street all the time. Luckily there are people like you all around the world that help this little creatures get around safely. Cheers!

Sharp claws but such a cute creature, thank goodness for the rescue of your husband.