On This Beach, all Visitors Will Daydream

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Good evening everyone. How are you tonight? I hope all is well, and nothing less.

Tonight I want to share a story and some pictures that I captured this afternoon while visiting the beach.

The people here call it the name reverie beach. Because he said every visitor who came here would daydream.

To me this sounds like a myth. Then this afternoon I went there to prove the resident's story. After traveling for about 20 minutes, I arrived at the beach.

**After I parked the motorbike, then I took a walk around the beach. And sure enough, there I saw two men who were daydreaming.


I don't know what they are thinking. They've been standing there for a long time, without greeting each other. Not far from there, I also found other visitors who were daydreaming together.


They were hypnotized. I feel unfamiliar with a scene like this, because for me this is an unusual phenomenon. From a distance I also saw a resident who was also busy daydreaming under a thorny pandanus tree. I also tried to approach from behind. This man didn't react in the slightest, he looked like he was thinking about something.


I made a move to make a sound so that this man was free from daydreams. But unfortunately my efforts did not produce results.

Then I found an idea, and stood in front of the man. Then I took a pose, but he still didn't react. Even while fishing by making selfie style reactions, he just smiled like a drunk.


Just look at this man's expression, a smile is a smile, but I can read from the look on his face. His mind was still not free from daydreams.

It turns out that this phenomenon does not happen to my adults, even small children are affected by it.


After witnessing all the beach visitors experiencing the same fate, I finally chose to leave the beach, for fear of contracting the effects of daydreams.

By @midiagam


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