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Shakarparian is a hill located in Islamabad. This is a place where many important buildings and places are located like an Amusement park, Pakistan Monument, Pakistan Monument Museum, Lokversa, and a cultural open-air theater. Shakarparian is a place where Islamabad's masterplan was approved and it was also announced as the new capital of Pakistan. At this place, a cabinet meeting was held on 24 May 1960 and all plans were approved.



Shakarparian is a very popular tourist spot and daily hundreds of people visit this place. The main attraction of this place is a viewpoint of Islamabad. The park's landscape has been done in a beautiful way and many paths and stairs have been built for a walk. The maintenance of the park is also quite good as the place is neat and clean.





In the park, a small market has been established for tourists, from where tourists buy some souvenirs. Some food courts have also been established and for VIP's a three-star hotel is also working. For children, a fun place has also been established.




In Shakarparian park a special place is located in the center of the park where many heads of states have planted a tree. These tall trees are preserved and a special nameplate is also installed. Another landmark in Shakarparian park is a fountain. I have seen this fountain in many old Pakistani movies. So if you plan a visit to Islamabad then this is a must-visit place.





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