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These days because of Covid19 economic situation of every country is critical. In Pakistan, many businesses are closed and many people are unemployed. So these people protest and sometimes block the roads and try to pressurize the government to accept their demands. Last weekend I drove towards Islamabad, I saw this kind of protest. The protesters blocked the main highway of Islamabad. There was a long queue of cars and hundreds of people were stuck in traffic.




I parked my car on road and walked towards the protestants. They had blocked the main signal and were also taking a lunch break. They had blocked this road for hours and many drivers were trying to explore some short escape route. I also reversed my car and violated one-way traffic and found some other route. Because of this protest, I suffered a lot and spent many hours on road and reached home at 11 PM. I think protesters should adopt some decent ways to record their protest and should not bother common people.





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