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In Pakistan owning a house is a big deal as property prices are very high. Every new government claims to give some incentive to buy some cheap houses. This PTI govt also claimed to build 5 Million small houses at cheap prices. Last weekend, I visited a small model house built by a company in Islamabad. This model house has two rooms with attached bathrooms. One big kitchen and also has a big drawing-room. They have also built a washing area with all accessories in it. These are portable houses and can easily be shifted anywhere within days.




This model house has been installed with all major facilities like split AC, electricity, geyser, water filter, and washing machine, etc. All rooms are furnished so visitors can imagine the room dimensions. These houses are fireproof and can be built in 7 days. This house's initial cost is 3 Million Rs that is not a low price as the company had to pay some Tax duties on the import of materials. If all these duties are eliminated then these houses are affordable. I am very happy to see this house as it is right step towards modern construction.





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