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Pond Heron, one of the most common birds found in Pakistan. They are migratory birds and travel all over Pakistan. They are very adaptable birds and are found in every environment and in every condition. I have seen this bird in freshwater lakes and dirty ponds too. They are very friendly as they live in every bird's company. Mostly they live alone or in a pair. They are not shy of human presence. I took this picture very closely and Heron did not bother my presence.





I mostly photograph this bird in Rawal lake. This is a very great place for a family picnic spot. In Rawal lake fish is also found in a large number, so Heron tries to catch these fish. On Rawal lake mostly crows live in large flocks and they fight with every bird living around the lake. So Pond Heron also has a tough time but still, they are surviving and growing in number. At the lake, they are found on corners of the water to catch fish. They are motionless while catching fish and sometimes wait for hours.





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