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Last weekend I visited Murree hill station to see snowfall. On expressway Murree, there are many commercial activities going on. Many top food brands and some new hotels have been built to attract tourists. I saw a new hotel name "Chai cup with Gupshup". This hotel's exterior was very impressive and the outdoor sitting area was also very good. The hotel has been built on the edge of the hill and the view of the valley is awesome. The weather was sunny and the breeze was cool but still many tourists were enjoying outdoor sitting.





Because of the cool breeze, I preferred to sit inside. The interior of the hotel is very colorful and very well decorated. In decoration, they have used many cultural and different art pieces. The entrance corridor was also very well decorated and the sitting area was neat and clean. The hotel's menu was also very well designed and they were offering every kind of food from continental to desi cuisine. I enjoyed the food and also liked the atmosphere.





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