Penguin Cartoon | illustration #3

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Hello everyone hopes you all are well. Today I'm sharing a Penguin cartoon illustration with all the community regarding Art.
I hope you all like it. I am going to attract each step so you can also draw the cartoon using Adobe Illustrator.

Here is the final result


Step-bt-step guide





Now you fill in the gradient colour of your choice.

Special Thanks
@etainclub for amazing app
@justyy for amazing tool



T̳̿͟͞h̳̿͟͞a̳̿͟͞n̳̿͟͞k̳̿͟͞s̳̿͟͞ ̳̿͟͞f̳̿͟͞o̳̿͟͞r̳̿͟͞ ̳̿͟͞R̳̿͟͞e̳̿͟͞a̳̿͟͞d̳̿͟͞i̳̿͟͞n̳̿͟͞g̳̿͟͞

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