Beauty of Creativity "Jumping Spider" Macrophotography

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I'm going to show you some photos of a lovely spider.


Salticidae is a well-known spider family that includes the jumping spider. Jumping Spider is the most frequent name for this spider. Jumping spiders belong to the Salticidae family of spiders. As of 2019, it had over 600 genera and 6000 known species, making it the largest spider family, accounting for 13% of all species.


Jumping spiders have the best vision of any arthropod, which they use for courtship, hunting, and navigation. Although most species move quietly and slowly, they are capable of making fast leaps, particularly when hunting, but also in response to sudden risks or bridging enormous spaces.



Food Source

Although most jumping spiders are carnivorous, nectar-eating species have been identified, and one species, Bagheera Kipling, is a plant-feeding species. None of them have been observed eating seeds or fruit. Jumping spiders feed on extrafloral nectaries on plants like Chamaecrista fasciculata (partridge pea), and the plant benefits when the spiders eat any pests they come across.


Camera Details:

  • Location: Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Camera: Samsung NX Mini
  • Lens: 9-27mm + 20X Macro
  • Object: Jumping Spider
  • Editing Software: Affinity Photo

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