View the beautiful valley with a beautiful night view.

in hive-142013 •  25 days ago  (edited)

Even the same roads that I usually pass by inadvertently come at night and are a completely different world.


Why is the valley guarded by streetlights so beautiful even on a pitch-black night?

The nature reflected in the flowing valley gives another highlight.

I feel healed just by listening to the sound of flowing water...

The cool weather is also very good.

Isn't this a healing in the city?

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The Horse Polo Sport Is Worth A Thousand Words To Each Viewer. Let’s all make Africa a more great and peaceful continent for all! Thank you for watching and upvote!.

Have a good day.^^


Really amazing view, superb photography

Thanks a lot.~

Like this view often reminds me on Korean Drama. So mesmerizing!

Thanks a lot.^^