Russian iris, a kind of bunchflower.

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Iris (Russian iris) is a perennial herb that grows in wetlands near lakes and ponds in Korea.

The growing environment grows well in puddles in sunny places or in wetlands where water is difficult to drain.


Women called “danobium” on a short dress and washed their hair with water boiled with irises and washed their faces in the sense of chasing bad ghosts.

In addition, she wore red and blue new clothes, cut off the iris roots, and poured red water into it to make hairpins.

Men wore iris roots in their waists, and it was said to be to defeat the evil.


In Korea, iris flowers were picked and dried on Dano's Day, believing that the sickle would disappear when sleeping on a blanket.

In India, irises are a favorite herb, so a large amount of irises were traded in the market throughout the year.

It is said that because irises are a very valuable herb used when children's intestines get sick, a pharmacist who did not open the door to someone who came to buy irises late at night was punished.

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