Muscari, whose purple buds resemble grapes.

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Muscari [Tassel Hyacinth(Muscari comosum)], whose purple buds resemble grapes.


Muscari, nicknamed'grape hyacinth' because its purple flowers that stretch out toward the sky resemble grapes, is an attractive bulbous plant with a sweet fragrance like sprinkled with perfume.

Muscari comes from the Greek word “moschos” (which smells like musk), where some of the plants smell like musk.

It is a bulbous plant that grows about 35cm in height.


The leaves look like leeks and 4~5 come out and hang down from the middle part.

The flowers form a large cone in a light purple raceme from April to May.

Flowers with no fertility in the upper part and flowers with fertility in the lower part are densely bloomed.

In Greece, these bulbs harvested in spring are eaten either by themselves or boiled to eliminate bitterness.

It has a similar ingredient to onions, so it is also eaten by pickling it in vinegar.

Medically, it is used as a diuretic or stimulant.

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