[travel] Have you ever felt eargasm? There was a ear cleaning service at hairshop ...

in hive-142013 •  2 months ago 

... in the Philippines. Isn’t it so cool stuff? 필리핀 여행 중 만난 귀청소. 미용실에서 이렇게 전문적으로 귀청소도 해줌. 우리나라돈으로 약 5천원 정도 했었는데 정말 신세계임.


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[US$48.50](▼31%)[illy]★큐텐 최저가!!★일리 100캡슐/야콥스 100캡슐/돌체구스토 108캡슐/스타벅스 120캡슐 네스프레소 호환 캡슐★무료배송★


Something new to know, never heard about it

haha it was so amazing.

never knew there's something like that

It was so amazing experience.

No. Actually not

haha it was so amazing

Haven’t try that. That’s a different level of eargasm 😃

that was one of my favorite experiences in the philippines

기회되면해봐야겠습니다ㅎ 흥미롭네요^^

아프지 않아요? 왠지 아플것 같아요. ๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑

Oh, Im here in the Philippines but don’t know about it.