Been Playing Skyrim Again - Couple Clips. Plus Burnout 3 - Car Crash Mode

in hive-140217 •  3 months ago 

Sometimes I game to breakup the routine a bit. Been trying to make music, clean house, also working a little from time to time. I came back to my old Skyrim character that is years old!! Haven't beaten the game yet. I took a couple clips and uploaded them to tik Tok

Here are the Skyrim Clips

One is battling Red Eagle and another is just me standing around

The one video is captured on iPad the other on android phone

Was also playing a bit of Burnout 3. It's an older game but I always like the car crash mode, it can be funny and chaotic

I like adding these to tiktok because you can add music and text to the video.

I've been working on a new song, hopefully will finish it and add to Soundcloud soon. I've gained a little more traction with the music on Spotify. Partly because of tiktok. I hope more people can check out the tunes and follow

Here are all the links to find my music!!

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