Been Playing Guardian Heroes - Arcade Mode! Also A GTA 5 Clip. With Some Personal Reflection.

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The first and second video is Arcade mode where there are many characters battling it out at once! I really like that! I remember I wanted to play this game again because of arcade and 2 player battle. There are just so many characters at once it's insane and really fun!! I like to choose the huge characters and see how much damage you can muster. I like Guardian Heroes, makes me wish there were allot more side scrolling fighter RPGs

Here's the first video using Sky Spirit. I really like the first move with the mega blast with this Dragon!

I'm posting this late so thinking about stuff. Here are some of my thoughts.

Feeling something lately, glad I got back into gaming a bit recently. It's helping me unwind and reflect some more! I'm going through a change it seems, facing that reflection on life with a sort of confidence. Sometimes the games help me think of older times and where I'm at now. Guardian Heroes is one of them, I first played it on Saturn when I first moved out to the area I'm in now. Been like a 20 year trip. Music is also helping me with the personal transformation. Gotta say I feel pretty damn restless with covid, I felt like that before too, now I've gotta face that, like brutal. I know I can mediate being social with music and art crafts and gaming community too. Having interests brings people together. I appreciate the story of what people have done with the game stop stock. I feel I can almost give a sigh of relief and just be here. I feel like I'm almost lost for a long time though I've always strived for the home vibe. I've always felt this energy like something I got to go for and invibe. It's good I'm thinking and talking again with ideas on the brain, I don't feel so stuck that way. Gain focus and perspective.

I like to have fun and play and post these games, it does help think and unwind

Here is the second video with Earth Spirit. I find I win most with this character. I unlocked almost all characters, only one more to go. There is a story line I have yet to complete in the game to unlock it.

I have seen people posting GTA 5 clips on tiktok allot. So I made a few so far but only posted this one so far. What I like to do in the game is just go on top of trucks and buses and just do nothing and see where it goes, or shoot something or stomp the vehicle to make the driver flip out, though sometimes they just exit the vehicle and get angry or run away. This clip is when this bus goes on the wrong side of the road while the driver is flipping out and driving crazy. I launch some grenades into traffic to try to clear some out of the way.

I've been focusing on music more recently, a few more people have heard it! I'd like to share that with you. Been getting a bit more exposure lately. If you like the music follow and share, that would help me out.

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That game looks nuts like it seems overwhelming if you don't know what you're doing. Covid has got us all pretty restless I think. Getting back into gaming is good, a lot of people are getting back into those old things they used to do a lot.

Taking a listen to the music it really sounds like some cool ass game music, or at least "splice of hype" does to me. Maybe you could write more posts on that or make some dedicated game tunes. That'd be cool.

The splice of hype song is mine, so when I played the game I put sound effects on only, thanks for noticing. Yea the game isn't as crazy going on in story mode, that's why I like the arcade part and 2 players has 2 teams of many characters. Perhaps my music would work well in a game

One of the video games I like is Pacman because it's a fun game, he will just eat rewards and will just keep on running guys. There are difficult mazes where you will bump to an enemy and you will just try very well to avoid them.

Yes I first played that in Pacman 80's!! It is pretty fun