TheTwilight of Phoenix Warrior (Part I)

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This story also found at Kompasiana and translate using google translator then edited by manual effort. Please, suggestion about translation is acepted.

His eyes were flushed, he was breathing hard, his old face looked pale, but even so he could still run and move with agility like a teenager. Seen he was holding the shinobigatana sword tightly in his right hand while running fast, there were three people behind him chasing and following the old man.

He seemed to be running to avoid the three pursuers, who knows what was happening but it seemed they had fought. One of his pursuers had blood stains, it felt like he was injured by a sword.

"Stop, old man!" shouted one of his pursuers who wore black kimono, with a kamon, white hand fan logo. He wields a red-handled katana sword in a sideways style with a wakizashi on his left waist.

The man was known by the name Simamoto Katsuri, one of the samurái descendants who had worked for the Shimazu clan and also one of alumnus from the Kobe Naval Academy. He was known as the Lighting Katana, the name that he got during the Boshin war. His opponents are often uprooted with one or two slashes. His fighting style uses two swords or called niten'ichi.

Shinobigatana, source of picture wikipedia

Unexpectedly the old man they were chasing stopped his steps, then turned and looked at his three pursuers, the pursuers immediately stopped.

He said to them, "It seems all of you still not aware."

"Greed has dominated your mind."

"All of you want, only this sword."

One of the pursuers chuckled with a sinister smile. He was in his thirties, a man of European descent, stocky with a mustache on his lips. He is known The Eyes, Jack Armstrong, a Boer war veteran, a former officer from the British army. His favorite fencing expert and favorite weapon is the rapier sword, which is currently gripped tightly in his hand and unsheathed toward the old man. Prepare to attack at any time.

Rapier, source of picture wikipedia

"You're too old."

"No longer deserve to wield that sword."

"Leave the sword to us or you are dead!" The Eyes began to move and prepare to attack. The old man slightly moved one step back, but he was shocked by the voice of another young man who was suddenly appear behind him.

"Please give up Sifu, you are too old for this," a deep voice and Chinese accent came from the young man's mouth.

"We will leave if you hand over the sword," the young Chinese man continued.

He recognized the voice and answered, "My disciple, Li Rui."

Seeing this disciple, his mind for a moment wandered into the memories of the past, Fan Li Rui, one of his disciples when he was a monk at the Shaolin monastery.

Remembering the first time, the abbot gave him Li Rui to be in his guidance. A teenager, who lost his parents to a famine in the north of China. After growing up, he decided to leave the Shaolin monastery, go wandering and join a religious sect. He is known by the nickname as Black Crow, because he is dressed in all-black and uses a machete made of black steel. Involved in Boxer's rebellion in China which is anti-European.

“"Sifu, I beg you to surrender!" said Li Rui, because he could not bear to see his teacher in a state of being cornered and beaten by three first-class swordsmen. In the martial arts tradition in China, the relationship between teacher and student remains as long as they have not broken the relationship.

To be continued……

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