Juventus' new formation after Ronaldo betrayed

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Hello, good evening So that wherever you are on this occasion I will give one piece of information where in the last few weeks of football, the public was surprised by the move of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United, which seemed very sudden, even trending topics on various social media and electronic media.

many even said that Cristiano Ronaldo had betrayed Juventus because his move seemed very tired suddenly and of course many people were disappointed with the decision because basically Cristiano Ronaldo still had a contract with Juventus until June 30, 2022. But he immediately chose to move to Manchester United at the end of the transfer window

actually this season Cristiano Ronaldo has indeed started the world with Juventus and played in the early matches But he was good in the last minutes of the first match Then after his move which shocked the public Juventus' performance also plummeted wherein the second week they were defeated by his opponent with 0-1 is Empoli

With this incident, the Juventus coach, Allegri, had to rack his brain again where at the last second he of course had to think about the ideal formation without Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad because the previous formation of course had been included but he had betrayed and of course made many legends of Juventus very disappointed with the decision

according to recent news, Juventus coach Allegri will choose to use the 4-4-2 formations and without Cristiano Ronaldo in it, that is a very good one and Allegri Of course does not leave Morata upfront alone But he will also choose Frederico Chiesa and also Paulo Dybala as banging power

This formation is of course classified as very material because allergies will place Alvaro Morata as an attacking midfielder. Of course, this is a position that has been played by Morata but since he came down and has also graduated at a professional level, he is already established as a striker. Will this new scheme of course work or will it also work? failed because until now there are still many players from Juventus who are defending their country because of the international break

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