🚴‍♂️ Cycling, Foraging and Shopping With @Sreypov 🌿 Paramaribo, Suriname

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@Sreypov and I rode bicycles across Paramaribo recently, and along the way we foraged some grape leaves and tamarind. My apologies for some of the wind noise...I was struggling to film, ride, and manage the heavy load on my front rack.

Keep Your Eyes Open...

     We've learned after living here for two years that the overwhelming majority of Surinamers refuse to pick their fruits, and opt to let them fall on the ground and rot where they lie. Whenever we make trips by bicycle, we always keep our eyes open for noni, cassava leaf, pumpkin flowers, grape leaves, coconuts and many more things people in this country don't seem to be interested in eating.

If No One's Watching...

     After asking a few neighbors if we could pick some fruit to prevent unnecessary waste, we discovered they always want us to pay market prices. So, if no one's looking, then it's a free gift from the most HIGH to our family. I hate to admit we have zero empathy for families with houses and cars and the ability to let food go to waste, so we really don't feel it's stealing, especially when we are being kept in this country against our will.

The Struggle Is Real...

     The traffic of this country is largely car-based, with an odd motorbike here and there, and even fewer bicycles. Almost no one walks anywhere, and people don't run hustles in front of their house like they do in Southeast Asia, so social interactions outside the home are very limited and usually only happen with the exchange of money. It really does feel like we are in an "us against them" struggle here in Suriname, and this place has yet to understand meekness is not weakness.


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