Fall Walk Through Orchard. Photos and Video Clip

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Went for a walk through the orchard by the local college this fall. There are rows of all these varieties of apples. Earlier there were even more trees but they were cleared to make more campus buildings. I was surprised to see all these apples all over the ground. So many. I wonder why no one harvests them?

Perhaps next year I can inquire and get like way more apples than I can handle, then put them in big freezer. then make tons of applesauce and pie!! Anyway that's my fantasy when I see this.

there are like a few rows of like a dozen or more trees and all different varieties, makes me hungry for apples

Here is the video clip

I still have some more pictures and video of some walks I went on last fall. Will probably make another post

I also love to make music that is a sort of therapy for me! I actually want to make allot more soon 'cause I can use it's therapeutic effects. Some may find the sound unsetting but it helps me out to make










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