Rotary Phone Speaks📱about itself ||A Story with lot of memories ♥️

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Greetings everyone ! ♥️.

Decades ago before my birth there was a time before my birth when people use letters and birds to communicate with each.
Problems are much more than benefit of these methods to communicate. These methods were not secure and reliable. Because its very slow method to communicate. No one in these methods sure if their messages were reached or not without disclosure of information.
So there is a need to build me. After lot of work and research I made by Gottfried Huth in 1796.

Early Days.

Before the arrival of my brother smartphone. I was the king of my world. These were the Days when only elite and rich people have it. I was so proud of myself ♥️.


Time passed and it was happy moment for me that I am in almost every house.
I was happy 😊 because I connected lot of people together. I remember when children were playing with me
I remember when mom said :

"" Come on baby! Your auntie Wanna talk to you ♥️😘💕"

I remember those days when people talk about me with me hours.
I saved a lot of lives time and energy of people of my time. I am still proud what I used to be. Its not wrong If I say I was the first source to them that shared thier feeling with security.
No matter what is going on! Is it sunny or cold rain or storm. I was ready for them as I was only source to them. Till the arrival of my younger brother "Smart Phone"

The Abandoned One

Nowadays modern people don't like me. They love Smartphone. I know I'm old 🧓 but they don't care.

It is Sad for me when they called me "Abandoned One"


Because it hurts me more than any thing. Good thing to know that still people are having me. They feel proud to have me. ♥️❤️☺️

There are some people who are proud of having me because they think that memories worth more than anything and it can't be thrown, replaced or compared to anything.



Spread love and happiness because it will make everything beautiful and easy.
And surely it will return to you
Have a blessed day!, ♥️♥️♥️😘😘💖💕🌹.

Special Mention and Thank to :


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