Betel a Symbol of Glorifying Guests in Aceh

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Betel in the Acehnese language is called "ranup". Made from areca nut, gambier, cloves, wrapped in betel leaf. Betel is a typical Aceh food since the first. Betel in the life of the Acehnese people has also become a symbol of honoring guests when they come to their homes. “Usually every guest who comes to the house is always served ranup lam bate (ranup in a special container) as food to honor guests.


In the past, betel was also used to invite people during celebrations. People who will hold the event come to every house to invite them with betel nut,” he explained. In marriage customs in Aceh, betel is one of the most important media. Starting from the application ceremony, to continuing at the event between the bride and groom, both Lintobaro and Dara Baro.


A girl in Aceh is considered to be legally a potential wife, after being escorted by a male family member to her house. "A girl in Aceh has a sign that a prospective husband has been marked by an inter betel event, in the betel package that is delivered there is also gold and cloth as a proposal," he said.


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