Italian music. My most favorite italian singer - Mina

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Greetings to all!

Friends, I would like to present to your attention the songs of the famous Italian singer Mina.
This is her pseudonym, actually her name is Anna Maria Mazzini. However, for all Italians, it is Mina.

This is the voice from God, with the greatest range.
She was so masterly with her voice that each of her songs is a small performance.
You just listen to her singing and you will understand her emotions and experiences in words and you will understand what her song sounds about.

His artistic career was lightning fast and short-lived.
Losing a husband at a young age, a son illegitimate, but beloved and talented. Life in Switzerland and the voluntary abandonment of the stage.

And yet, to this day, Mina remains in the hearts of many Italians, like a ray that pierced the universe and stayed there forever!

I'll give you a video of her. Listen up! I am sure that her magical voice will enchant you.

Most favorite Italian singer Mina

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