New Song - Bad House Democracy by Synthesis Underground

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Been working on this track for a few days. Now I had to record it. I lend my computer out to my friend here and I don't want to lose the track. I am unable to save on the program 'cause I don't have a full version so I gotta record it with Audacity. That's okay, it's more of a fun practice track!! Took some samples where the creepy news repeats the same thing on every channel. Got some house beats, then added some keyboards and effects. I like how it turned out. I am getting better as I go along and always feel better when I create and finish a track! Working on another one too. I think what I may do is pre-record allot of drum samples. Make my own library. Then it will be easier to make songs even if I am unable to save currently. Sometimes you learn more skills with limitations. I always believe use what you have, don't let fancy equipment or software discourage you and always be on the lookout for discounts on gear.

Here is the song!!

I've been having a bit more success getting my music out there thanks to tiktok and twitter a little bit. Mostly on spotify. Got onto a couple playlists. Below are all the links to the music that I use as a form of therapy that I like to give back out to the world. If you like the songs please like, share and subscribe

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