RE: JCAR 3월 구독 신청 받습니다.

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JCAR 3월 구독 신청 받습니다.

in hive-117185 •  2 months ago 

15,500 JCAR for 2021.03 sub to @jcarvoting and 46,000 TJCAR for 180 times in 3 month. check, please


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I previously applied for the March JCAR and 46,000 TJCAR for 180 times in 3 month voting. Can they not overlap?
If so, I wonder if you will return JCAR or TJCAR? I am confused, please reply to me, thank you.

@jsquare Could you please reply to my question?

  ·  last month (edited)

Hello. Sorry for the late reply.
Your subscription application went well. It runs twice a day. However, March is the system transfer and runs from March 7th to April 4th.

And I sent it overlaid as you said. I will resend 15500 jcars to you.

I received it, thank you very much.