THE DAILY DIARY GAME | Better life With Steem |20th September 2021

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Hi friends,

How are you all? I hope all are doing great things. Thanks for giving support to me. It means really a lot to me.

As I am a farmer My whole day is going very busy. I hard work in the fields and earn something extra for my family. Because of lockdown, I am finding the various way of earning and steemit is one of the ways of earning for me.

Morning Updates

I woke up at 5 AM and I brush my teeth and after that, as per my daily routine I give a quick walk to all the dogs and after that I had breakfast. In the breakfast, I ate Kanda Poha and after that, I started preparing food for the dog and after that, I go to the field and did some daily work. After that, I returned to the farm and gave food to my dogs.

20210602_120216 (1).jpg

Afternoon Updates

In the afternoon around 12:15 PM, I go to the market and bought some essential products for the farm and after that, I had lunch around 2 PM and after lunch, I watch some videos on youtube.

Evening Updates

In the evening around 4 PM had tea with biscuits. After that, I give a walk to all the dogs and after that, I cooked the evening food for the dogs. After that, I give the food to all the dogs at 6:30 PM and after that, I called my wife and talked for a while after that I also called my mom and share my daily details. After that around 9 PM I had dinner after that I go to sleep. This is how I spend my day.

If you want to know me better, here is my achievement 1

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See you in the next post.


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