Beneficiary Adding Crash the App Without Login | Play Steem App

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Project Repository:

Project Name:



Android: Version 10

My Expertise

A quality app must handle any unusual behavior of the user and able to elaborate the error without crashing the app itself. I'm an Android developer and studying for Master of Software Engineering. I'm very happy that the PlaySteem project is started and released by using the type-script as the first language. I worked as a Bug Hunter in 2018 under @utopian-io. My primary programming languages are JAVA, Android XML, SQL, and Flutter Dart.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-01 at 5.46.06 PM.jpeg

here my past proven work as a bug hunter

Expected behavior

The app should give us a message to login first or just do any other process without crashing. Adding a null beneficiary can cause to crash the app.

Actual Behaviour

Adding the beneficiary without logging in to the steemit account and then click on the + button icon crashing the app.

How to reproduce

here are the mockups of producing the error:

Desktop screensh.png


Desktop screensh (1).png



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Thank you for the details report! I will fix this!

My Pleasure, We are glad that the steemit has an active mobile app project.

What is the advantage of this app?please tell me .