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To succeed in life it takes time and you equally must plan ahead of time. Life is not just about motivational quotes.
Grace is one of the most important way of achieving your dreams. If grace find you then you are lucky. Work hard to enable your children thank you in future. Be hungry to achieve success.
Am not saying everyone is going to be rich but everyone can be rich. It's all about determination. Always prepare for the worst while praying for the best. To be civilised you don't have to be educated.
The reason I quoted don't let your background bring your back to the ground is because many people have been idle. Wondering and thinking about there background. The question that comes there mind is who will help them? Who will they run too? Is there hope for the poor? Yes there is hope for the poor. Not everyone started big. You must learn to encourage yourself. Life has been made easy for everyone who want to achieve something. For example Steemit is a platform that has helped Alot of soul. I appreciate @steemit for this kind of opportunity.
Haven been trying my best to follow people who has dream to win. Do not say who will help you or where to start. Start where you are.

Special thanks to my mentors
@krsuccess you guys have been great.

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Thanks alot

Success is a gradual process and it takes ones believe