Do not waver, even if the storms of trouble strike

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The problem is sometimes likened to a storm. And often we try to "Wow, how is this the way to get rid of this problem, how to calm this storm."

So, as a result, we often get tired of ourselves and the problem gets worse, more and more, even new problems grow again. Usually after we are denial, disappointed and angry. Yes, angry, furious.

Okay, at first we must be angry, angry at the source. If, for example, there are people who take money away, they are angry. "Where are these people, I'm looking for." yeah right, maybe angry or revengeful. Angry to the situation, angry to the people around him. In fact, often end up angry blaming God. And blame ourselves, because if we end up dealing looking for it and not being found, we end up getting annoyed and in the end we are blamed. And it really hurts. Why ? Because you end up losing twice.

First, loss has suffered, secondly, loss hurts yourself.
We can be hurt, you can be betrayed, but don't lose twice. So if you don't want to lose, realize this isn't a punishment, it's a lesson. Don't beat yourself up too much.


The next stage is after we get angry, we were reminded earlier, the point is that we shouldn't be too angry, let alone hurt ourselves, or scold ourselves. Well, this is the next stage, what I call the Emotional roller Coster. Well, this emotional roller coaster is interesting, because logically, in our minds we know that every problem will have a solution. No matter how great the problem is, it will definitely pass. Well, logically we know, but at heart it's still bleeding, it's still cracked. Now this is what is called an emotional roller coaster. Maybe even the people around us can be affected. And it happens, if it happens something natural. Why is it natural, because I have also experienced it.

So, so that we can know more about the process, I will tell my friend's experience.

"I want to share a little, I used to have a friend, his name was Fauzan. You could say he was a smart person to cover up sadness. Yes, he is a cheerful person, always cheerful, right? But as time goes by, now he has experienced all that no longer exists, it has diminished. Because he is now a little bit, yes, experiencing sadness. So he used to migrate to Jakarta. That his mother was seriously ill with cancer. But he hid it, because his mother knew it was difficult to separate from Fauzan. So maybe he thought that Fauzan knew he was sick, then Fauzan might ask to return to Aceh. So at that time Fauzan was indeed feeling restless at the boarding house for one week, he often confided in me. So he decided to go back to Aceh, he went home alone. It turned out that his mother was there at the hospital. at the hospital, Fauazan heard the nurse her mother's way with the doctor. It turned out that the cancer was already severe. And there he was shocked, shocked, why did it turn out that the cancer was old and he only just found out. Now his mother has died just 5 months after the operation."

So that was the story of my friend, we already know it together, later we will find a solution, I will tell you because I have also experienced sadness, and we have all experienced it.

Later I will discuss more in an upcoming post.


By @midiagam


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