Bitcoin Trade History 20200227 Close position

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Btc History

1。 20200219 Aimed to long BTC at 10100 and close at 10500, luckily missed as price dip to 9400 during midnight
2。20200225 - Short 9509.50 - Trgt (trend change) - SL 10686 - Close 8784.50 ( 0.0147BTC ➡ 0.0270BTC )

Current Status

No Position


Cryptos market and US share market (COVID-19 outbreak fear) both down.

破9300 一定downtrend 、 9500 是ntz , 10300 以上才会继续上。 一天不破10300 就是ntz 了



Malay economic value

Yes, but assimilation into European cultures gives immigrants equal access to public education and job opportunities. It's similar in Thailand, so much so that many of their Prime Ministers are ethnic Chinese.

Let's set emotions aside and look at the history and reality.

In 1957 when Malaya gained independence, vernacular secondary schools were required to switch to English as language of instruction in order to qualify for government funding. Most Chinese secondary schools accepted except for 60 of them (which formed the basis of today's Chinese Independent Secondary Schools, 華文独立中学).

Things stayed that way until the 513 incident. Out of the blue, Rahman announced the conversion of all English-medium schools to Malay- medium ones beginning from Standard 1 with effect from Jan 1, 1970. Many, including the Malay language extremists, were caught by surprise as the decision was sudden and arbitrary. Still, it could not be challenged by the non-Malays much as they had objected to it, as the country was under emergency rule exercised by the National Operations Council (NOC).

Industrialization has solved issues of . Increasing overall intelligence of human will bring benefits more than harms.

There are some fundamental differences between Japanese and Malay language. For abstract ideas, Japanese either :

computer ko-mu-pyu-ta-ru

mcdonald ma-ku-do-na-ru-do

or by conjoining Chinese words (yes, Chinese words are deeply entrenched in Japanese language)

catalyst 触媒 ‘contact medium’

politics 政治 ‘administration + rule’

democracy 民主 ‘people manage’

It is estimated that 70 -80% of technological terms in Japanese are 'Chinese-ish' in nature and most of these vocabularies coined by the Japanese people eventually made their ways into modern Chinese language. These vocabularies are so Chinese in nature that most Chinese speakers do not realize that they originated in Japan. This is why Japanese relies heavily on translation to absorb latest scientific and technological development from foreign countries.

Thanks for sharing your perspectives.

Ok, indeed I don't have concrete figures from authoritative sources on this. I'm speaking from my dealings with Chinese Indonesians in Malaysia. Over the past few years, many Chinese Indonesians who previously moved their funds from Indonesia to Malaysia were beginning to move their funds back to Indonesia.

My friend has dealt with many Chinese Indonesians business owners selling their properties and businesses in Malaysia, somewhat in a hurry. So he asked them why were they in such a rush and where were they moving their funds to? To his surprise, they were moving their funds (in the magnitude of billions USD) back to Indonesia. They told my friend that there are huge opportunities appearing in Indonesia not to be missed. I guess they have more insights than us.

Is CO2 reduction propaganda a part of the plan to implement worldwide eugenics as reduced emission will inevitably hurt more people living in less developed countries?

Are most climate change alarmists actually closeted racists because they support reducing CO2 emission which will endanger more people living in less developed countries that are more prone to climate related natural disasters ?

despite knowing that CO2 emission will save



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