Bitcoin Trade History 20200227

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Btc History

1。 20200219 Aimed to long BTC at 10100 and close at 10500, luckily missed as price dip to 9400 during midnight

Current Status

20200225 - Short 9509.50 - Trgt (trend change) - SL 10686 (Cross = Leverage 100x) - Close ?????? ( USD 1300 / 0.0147BTC ➡ )

Cryptos market and US share market (COVID-19 outbreak fear) both down.

破9300 一定downtrend 、 9500 是ntz , 10300 以上才会继续上。 一天不破10300 就是ntz 了

青生菜 醋腌木耳 蒜米
蟹柳条 Tuna Mayonnaise 鸡蛋

"Sir,你要我用手帮你 happy ending,

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